Terminator salvation - 4k ultra hd includes blu-ray. Sony Pictures

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In the aftermath of Judgment Day and the takeover by the machines, John Connor (Christian Bale, The Dark Knight), the destined leader of the human resistance, must counterattack Skynet’s devastating plan to terminate mankind. As Connor rallies his underground street fighters for a last, desperate battle, he realises that to save the future he must rescue his own father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek). But the most shocking discovery comes with the arrival of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington, Avatar), a mysterious loner from the past who challenges Connor with an impossible choice that will determine the future of the human race — leading them both on a brutal journey into the very heart of the enemy. Features: Behind-The-Scene Featurettes: RE-FORGING THE FUTURE: Go behind the scenes with an exclusive on-set tour showing the making of Terminator Salvation. THE MOTO-TERMINATOR: See how the Terminator Salvation visual effects crew and Ducati partnered to create the slick and deadly Moto-Terminator! FILMMAKING FOCUS POINTS, HYDROBOTS, AN ICON RETURNS, TERMINATOR FACTORY & NAPALM BLAST Blu-ray Exclusives: MAXIMUM MOVIE MODE - watch the movie with director McG. Includes Picture-in-Picture track with commentary, storyboards, still galleries, timeline and 11 mini featurettes – spotlighting how the ground-breaking special effects were created.